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What is a Doula?

As doulas we are personalized resource guides for your new or growing family, providing research based education and non-judgemental support during labor and the postpartum period. The doula assists each individual family in exploring and meeting their unique birthing and parenting goals and needs.

History of the Word "Doula"

In Ancient Greek households, a doula was a woman in the highest level of servitude to women in the home, basically a female slave. Doulas were an integral part of the home who assisted women during childbirth and childrearing.

Doulas in Labor

Labor Doulas are trained childbirth professionals who provide non-medical assistance to pregnant women and their families in preparation for childbirth and during labor. This can include identifying birth goals and strategies, providing additional evidence-based education and resources, hands-on emotional and physical support, and advocating for mothers choices during childbirth.


Having a Doula assisted birth has proven to:

Doulas in Postpartum

Postpartum Doulas are trained professionals who provide non-medical in-home education and support. Doulas are guides for the postpartum family, providing immediate hands-on education, support and relief. Although this may include infant-care, doulas do not assume the role of primary care-giver for the newborn child but instead, care for the parents so that parents are able to care for their new child.


Services A Postpartum Doula Can Provide